Instruction guidance

If you are in the U.K/E.U your glue will arrive ready to use, no preperation required.  IF YOU ARE OUTSIDE THESE areas, please contact us for more information.


  • Place some GLUE onto the TRAY in the circle where the writing says ‘PLACE GLUE HERE’
  • Use the SCRAPER to lightly pull the glue along the length of the TRAY - do not push hard or the scraper will mark the tray. The scraper will give you the correct thickness of glue.  TIP: ensure the scraper is at a 45 degree angle and Do NOT push down hard!
  • Dip all contact areas of your brick such as underside or side of your brick / toy into the glue and fix in place on your model, removing any excess if required with a damp cloth
  • Repeat as many times as necessary until your toy is built, then when it is dry your toy is GLUED!

For precision application, the APPLICATION WAND may be dipped into the glue and applied to the toy, or you could use a paint brush for very fine detail. For best results use a thin film on each piece, and coat all faces/sides of the toy where they are in contact with other bricks/surfaces.

This will increase surface contact and hold. One 30ml glue  SACHET should be enough for UP TO one small - medium sized brick project depending on the application.  If glue gets onto hands just wash it off with warm water or use a damp cloth as you build.

To clean the utensils, wipe off excess glue and dispose in the household waste, then wash in warm water.   Seal the pouch when building and decant the glue as you need it.  Dispose of any unused, product in the household waste bin.  Store the glue in the sealed pouch, in a cool place out of the reach children.  Use as soon as possible, and for best results within 1 month.

ENSURE YOUR GLUE IS fully DRY FOR MAXIMUM BOND STRENGTH. It may take longer for the glue to dry than advised on packaging depending on environmental factors.  In a humid environment glue may take days or even weeks to fully dry inside the brick. We do not use nasty solvents to speed up evaporation.  In dryer conditions your glue may be fully dry in 24 hrs.

First Aid information: 

  • Some people are more sensitive to chemical products than others. 
  • If irritation occurs discontinue use. 
  • In case of eye contact: Wash out eye with plenty of water, holding eye open. Seek immediate medical advice.  
  • In case of skin contact: Wash affected area with plenty of water.  
  • If swallowed: Wash out mouth with water. Do not induce vomiting. Seek immediate medical advice. 
  • In case of scalding: Cool the burn with cool or lukewarm running water for 20 minutes, as soon as possible and seek immediate medical advice. 
  • In case of doubt, seek medical advice without delay. Take the product together with the pouch and information with you.

General information

  • Store in a cool place out of the reach of children.
  • Read these instructions before use, follow them and keep them for reference.
  • Clean all equipment after use and ensure all empty containers are disposed of properly.
  • Use in a ventilated area and wash hands after use.
  • We do not recommend using any equipment which has not been supplied with the set.
  • Do not eat or drink whilst HEATING, PREPARING OR using the product.
  • Do not allow product to come into contact with eyes or mouth and do not inhale the product.
  • Dispose of product in house hold waste unless otherwise stated in the instructions.
  • Keep equipment and product including the SWASH bag away from children
  • THIS PRODUCT IS not a toy.