How on earth did you invent a glue for LEGO!?

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Thats the question we get asked most!!!!

If you are wondering what we do, we are based in the United Kingdom and have invented a CLEAR, TEMPORARY, easy to use GLUE for kids to use on their LEGO, KINEX, Nano Blocks Mega Blocs and construction toys. 

Kragle??? NO, it WASHES OFF when you are ready!

We invented it ourselves on our kitchen table over many months after one too many LEGO disasters! 

So how did it all start?  Is usualy the next question we usually get asked!

Well there are a few steps to this journey…

It first started when we became aware of something called Dyspraxia which often shows up alongside Dyslexia or ADHD.  This usually affects a person’s fine motor skill, so they are more prone to dropping things, and often have difficulties handling knives and forks, pencils, and of course LEGO!  Coordination and building complete structures out of LEGO become very challenging/impossible for some kids, not only to build, but more importantly, to keep it together.

If you look back the LEGO bricks of 1949 and even earlier locking British invented toy bricks, they were much simpler, larger and easier to handle.   Today, there are huge variations in sizes, and there fore the smaller parts have much less friction surface area so don’t ‘stick’ together as well with friction, and subsequently fall apart. 

It is a challenge for a lot of kids just to keep all the pieces together, which is no fun.  LEGO, bricks and toys are supposed to be played with, not just put on the shelf, so we finally decided to tackle the problem after seeing an parent use SUPERGLUE on LEGO in desperation.

After battling the constant disintegration of her families prized LEGO 75192 Starwars Millennium Falcon 7500 piece set, the mum had resorted to covering the model in Super glue…. This iconic set which was meant to be taken apart and rebuild, played with and loved, was being ruined!!  The bricks warped, the glue yellowed, in short this very expensive set was consigned to the LEGO graveyard!

We knew there must be a better way so we sent to inventing BLOCK LOCK.

BLOCK LOCK Toy Glue is a clear adhesive that provides extra grip for either your whole build or simply that fiddly bit that keeps falling off time and time again!

Its simple to use, clear and made out of food grade  / safe classification products.  It is designed, made, packed and distributed in the UK, so we can carefully monitor the quality of our product.

BLOCK LOCK Toy Glue is NOT a permanent glue, it is a strong temporary glue to improve the chances of your build staying together whilst it is played with! 

We have our own BLOCK LOCKED builds that have grown up with our own children, being played with day after day after day for over 2 years.  We have had to make minor emergency repairs here and there after particularly fierce battle role play, but we still have all the pieces and they are still played with today and the bonus is, they can remove bits or ad bits as they want to.

So that’s how we got started!!!

If you would like to have a go at using Block Lock Toy Glue on your builds, you can buy our GLUE POUCH or STARTER KIT which contains everything you need, or you can also buy component kit pieces, such as the application kit to apply your glue, or our extra fine mesh wash ‘n’ store bags to wash and store your LEGO, BRICKS, BLOCKS and other toys safely so you keep all the pieces together.

We are also selling on Amazon or Ebay.

We love to hear from our customers and are really proud of our first every Amazon review from a happy customer, we have included it here as we are so proud!!

Happy building :)

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