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Our environmental footprint is very important to us and we strive to reduce it with every decision we make:

Here are some ways we are working on that:

Our Patented Glue Product:

We ONLY use bio-degradable ingredient in our glue.  The only solvent is water and all of the items are actually food grade apart from the base carrier for the glue which, although not edible for humans, can be happily eaten by fish!

The fibres we use are from one of the most sustainable natural recourses on the planet which is Bamboo.

We are proud to say our glue is solvent free (apart from water!) and plastic free!

Our Product Packaging:

We have been working on this to try to engineer plastic out of our packaging and pledge to remove plastic packaging completely as soon as we can.

We are proud to announce we have found a suitable alternative to our plastic pouch plastic pouch in the form of a 100% aluminium pouch and recyclable plastic spout and cap alternative.

We will be introducing this packaging in early 2022 so keep an eye out for it!


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