Congratulations on buying your BLOCK LOCK® Toy Glue STARTER KIT

Getting the glue thickness and dry time right for best results is important.  Our product works to STRENGTHEN BUILDING BRICK TOYS / CONSTRUCTION KITS like LEGO when applied and dried correctly, but it cannot FULLY WORK UNTIL it is dry.  The maximum adhesion of BLOCK LOCK® toy glue depends on factors including, but not limited to: humidity/atmospheric conditions during application and drying, storage of the product, life of the product/toy, surface material of the product/toy, quality and thickness of GLUE application, quality of GLUE preparation, drying time allowed after application (prior to play) and the level of rough play of the glued item.  

BLOCK LOCK® toy glue is NOT a permanent glue and is NOT intended for repairing broken or damaged toys.  BLOCK LOCK® is a temporary glue, to increase play value, reduce breakage of brick toys and increase creativity within limited parameters, for safe and undamaged toys.  If you are in any doubt of your toy’s/accessory suitability for the use of glue, please contact the item manufacturer, or where applicable, test a small amount before full application.  

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Advice for supervising adultsRead and follow these instructions, the safety rules, and the first aid information.  Please keep them for reference. Incorrect use of chemicals can cause injury and damage to health. Only carry out those activities which are listed in the instructions.

Because children’s abilities vary so much, even within age groups, supervising adults should exercise discretion as to which activities are suitable and safe for them. These instructions are provided as a guide to enable adult supervisors to assess suitability for a particular child.   The supervising adult aged 18+ should discuss the warnings, safety information and the possible hazards with the child or children before commencing the activities. 

The surrounding area should be kept clear of any obstructions and away from consumables.

Although this product should not encounter any mould growth, if any stored product starts to grow mould, dispose of the product in the household waste and wash your hands.  We recommend using your opened product within 1 week. Unopened shelf life of the glue product is dependent on storage conditions.  This product is PRE-prepared and is suitable for use under adult supervision by children aged 5+

First Aid informationSome people are more sensitive to chemical products than others.  In the unlikely event irritation occurs discontinue use.  In case of eye contact: Wash out eye with plenty of water, holding eye open.  Seek immediate medical advice.   In case of skin contact: Wash affected area with plenty of water.   If swallowed: Wash out mouth with water. Do not induce vomiting. Seek immediate medical advice.  In case of doubt, seek medical advice without delay. Take the product together with the pouch and information with you.

General information

  • Store in a cool place out of the reach of children.
  • Read these instructions before use, follow them and keep them for reference.
  • Clean all equipment after use and ensure all empty containers are disposed of properly.
  • Use in a ventilated area and wash hands after use.
  • We do not recommend using any equipment which has not been supplied with the set.
  • Do not eat or drink whilst using the product.
  • Do not allow product to come into contact with eyes or mouth and do not inhale the product.
  • Dispose of product in house hold waste unless otherwise stated in the instructions.
  • Keep all equipment / product away from small children. Swash bag and Application kit is not a toy.

Contents List:   1 x glue sachet 30ml, 1 x glue tray, 1 x glue spreader 1 x glue application wand, 1 x S-WASH bag, 1 x instructions leaflet. For info. / instructions on these components please see our website.

PREPARING BLOCK LOCK® GLUE:  Your glue is ready to use. Please agitate the packet well before opening to ensure the contents are mixed as they can settle and separate in transit.  The glue should be a uniform milky colour throughout, if a clear AND white product is visible, ensure glue is mixed thoroughly before application for best results.


  • Place some GLUE onto the TRAY in the circle where the writing says ‘PLACE GLUE HERE’.
  • Use the SCRAPER to lightly drag the glue along the length of the TRAY. This will give you the correct thickness of glue. It is not necessary to push down hard as this will damage the TRAY, just pull glue lightly down length of TRAY.
  • Dip ALL contact areas such as underside or side of your brick / toy into the glue and fix in place on your model, removing any excess if required with a damp tissue / cloth as you build if you wish.
  • Repeat as many times as necessary until your toy is built.
  • If you are applying to an accessory such as a T-shirt, it is suggested more glue is used around the brick or minifigure. This will take longer to dry but will ensure a secure bond when dry.  ALWAYS ensure your toys/accessories are suitable for application before applying and ensure the items applied are not a hazard or likely to cause injury when worn.  We always recommend an adult check before the child wears the accessory.

For precision application, the APPLICATION WAND may be dipped into the glue and applied to the toy, or you could use a paint brush. For best results use a thin film on each piece, and coat all faces/sides of the toy where they are in contact with other bricks/surfaces. 

One sachet should be enough for one small-medium sized brick project depending on the application.  If glue gets onto hands wash it off with warm water and soap, or use a damp cloth as you build on both your build and fingers. To clean the utensils, simple wipe off excess glue and dispose in the household waste, then wash in warm water.   Seal the pouch when building and decant the glue as required.  Dispose any unused, product in the household waste bin.  Store the glue in the sealed pouch, in a cool dark place out of the reach children.  ENSURE YOUR GLUE IS DRY FOR MAXIMUM BOND STRENGTH. Wash hands and surfaces after use.


Instructions for REMOVING 1 sachet of BLOCK LOCK® toy glue.  Please check manufactures instructions and washing machine guidelines BEFORE removing BLOCK LOCK®.  Removal of glue must be performed by an adult aged 18 or over and only when both toy/washing machine is deemed suitable:

  • Ensure that the SWASH BAG (WASHING and Storing bag) is free from defects before use. Do not use if defects are found. Remove any dry, excess glue and dispose of it in the household waste.
  • Ensure any UN-WASHABLE ITEMS such as motors, batteries, decals or delicate components are NOT placed in the SWASH bag. These Items should not be glued or washed.  Put the dismantled, glued toy/accessory in a SWASH bag. Ensure the zip head is fully secured shut.  Tuck the end of the zip under the zip protector lip and soak in a tub of warm water for 30 mins - this may be enough for full glue removal depending on application.
  • If the item is too large to put inside the bag, or is heavily glued it should be soaked, excess glue removed where possible and dispose in the household waste, then broken up into smaller chunks and put in the SWASH bag.
  • To soak, submerge the SWASH bag and its content in plenty of warm water OR You also have the option to place the SWASH bag in the washing machine* on soak only. This should be done on a short, cool soak (not wash) if your toys and machine are compatible.  Do not spin. Put in an old towel to dampen the movement and sound if you wish. When hand soaking, agitate the bag regularly and change the water if required. Repeat if necessary.
  • You may wish to repeat the process for stubborn or very heavily glued items or simply leave any heavily glue items to soak for longer. We suggest you run an empty wash cycle after you remove the SWASH bag if using the washing machine removal method, although no glue product should remain in the machine.
  • When glue has been removed, just hang the bag until both bag and content are dry (dry fabric accessories separately)
  • Pop in your brick set and instructions and store for the next build inside the original box or on its own.
  • Your Building Blocks and Toys are now clean, sanitized and safely stored in one place - no lost pieces.
  • When you are ready… REBUILD straight away, or STORE in the SWASH bag for next time!                                                            

*Please refer to washing machine manufactures guidelines prior to gluing /washing a product with BLOCK LOCK to ensure compatibility - and only ever use the SWASH bag in a mashine once. If you are in doubt, do not use the washing machine just soak as instructed above.  Always check toys and SWASH bag before and after washing to ensure all pieces are undamaged before play. We do not recommend you remove more than one BLOCK LOCK GLUE sachet in the washing machine at any one time.  If your item is heavily glued, the hand soaking method with the SWASH bag is recommended.  It is up to the end user to determine if the toy/accessory should be glued/soaked or machine washed.  If a toy/accessory is not suitable for machine wash, please follow the soak method where compatible.