Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about BLOCK LOCK ® Toy Glue.

Getting the dry time right is important to get the most out of our product!  Our product really works when applied + dried correctly, so please get in touch if you get ...... stuck (ha ha...)

We want you to love BLOCK LOCK ® and the build opportunities it presents as much as we do, so please get in-touch with any other questions not listed here...

Q: How much glue is in 1 spout pouch?

A: It is 50ml of glue.  It is usually enough for an average medium sized set of building bricks, construction toys or another similar project.

Q: How much glue is in 1 Starter kit?

A: It is 30ml of glue.  It is usually enough for a small - medium set of building bricks, construction toys or another similar project.

Q: How strong is it?

A: Independent tests indicate bond strength improvement of up to 10 times verses identical non-glued kits and brick stacks!

Q: Will BLOCK LOCK® toy glue dry instantly?

A: No, because unlike other glues, BLOCK LOCK® toy glue is made with children in mind, and we keep the drying process natural.  We don’t add any alcohol or toxic solvents to aid drying, so children 5+ years can use it themselves.

This means that the drying of the glue depends completely on evaporation of the water added.  If the glue is applied in a thin layer on a component that is exposed to the air, it can be touch dry from around 30 mins+.  It CAN take LONGER and sometimes weeks depending on the application thickness and environment. Where glue is trapped inside an airtight void such as an interlocked plastic toy brick and the evaporation takes longer, drying can take a lot longer and the build will only be fully strengthened when completely dry.

The glue can only improve the strength of your builds when it is fully dry and applied well!

Q: What do you mean by ''temporary'' glue?

A: BLOCK LOCK® is not designed as a permanent glue (WE DON'T WANT TO DAMAGE TOYS, OR STOP CREATIVITY!)

Our glue can improve the grip and stability between building brick pieces and construction toy pieces, so it improves play-ability!  It can then be removed when required in warm water so that the same pieces can be used again.  This helps extend the play of a build, by reducing build breakage during play, it helps to conserve sets and reduce the chance of losing components!

Q: I want to permanently glue my plastic building bricks together forever, is BLOCK LOCK® toy glue right for this?

A: No, we don’t want to permanently damage your toys.  Permanent glue bonds surfaces together usually by welding the plastic, often discolouring and deforming it, making it brittle over time.  Permanently glued bricks cannot be used again.  This means you can’t use the components to re-build the set or for other inventive builds or creations! Where’s the fun in that?!

Q: Will using BLOCK LOCK® toy glue allow me to build my set out of plastic building bricks then throw it around without it breaking?

A: Probably not, as with all vigorous play, you may have some breakage!

The bonus of using BLOCK LOCK® is that if you do break it during play, the breakage that can occur is more likely to occur in larger chunk not small bits.

Large chunks are more easily repaired rather than lots of individual bits, and there is less chance of losing bits if they are chunks! 

If you do get a break point, simply re-hydrate the glue at the breakage point by either applying more glue, or remoistening the glue already applied by adding water.  This will soften the dried glue, then either remove the older glue or push it build back together and re-dry!

Q: Can I play with my toy whilst the glue is drying?

A: If the main reason for gluing your toy is to preserve a showpiece build, we would suggest leaving it a reasonable time to dry in a warm, dry place before engaging in vigorous play.  However, we never recommend stopping play, so when it is touch dry on the outside we always play with our toys straight away!! 

It depends on the toy, the builder, the application and the desired outcome :)

Q: How do I remove the GLUE when I want to build my kit again?

A: BLOCK LOCK® can be removed with warm water.  The best way to do this is using the S-wash bag provided in the Starter Kit. It is a fine mesh zip bag.  You can use warm water to soak the toy, and loosen the glue.  When the glue is loose, you can then use your washing machine (subject to toy and machine suitability) on a short, cool soak (no spin and no detergent).

If you have not purchased a Starter Kit and do not have a S-wash bag, you can purchase additional S-wash bags on our website.

S-wash bags are single use, for dual purpose.

As well as washing your bricks, once dry they are then used for STORING your sets and toys securely.  Using a S-wash bag means that all of your smaller bits are kept together safely in the bag, so you when dry you can pop in your set instructions too until you are ready to rebuild the set and have the same enjoyment over again, without missing the bits!

Q: Can I buy this product if I live anywhere in the World? 

A: Mostly!  It is available online to all UK and European markets easily online.  If you are outside of this area, and want it stocked locally, please go and suggest BLOCK LOCK to your local toy shop and spread the word we are always happy to discuss larger trade opportunities worldwide!!   Just email us on to find out more and what we look for in a reliable distributor. If you are in the EU, you can by our product TARIFF FREE - just keep your basket under €22 - if you want to order more, please get in touch or have a look at our guidance page

Q: Can my children use this glue?

A: Yes, the glue can be applied to toys by children 5+ years.  We always recommend adult supervision whilst using the product, then you don't miss the fun!

Q: What do I need to start?

A: The BLOCK LOCK® STARTER KIT contains everything you need to get started, including glue, or you can purchase the Spout Pouch on its own.

Q: What if I don't use all of the glue in 1 go?

A: Each spout pouch is re-sealable.  We recommend you use the prepared glue as soon as possible and within 1 month for best results.   In the unlikely event your glue shows any sign of mould growth, it should be discarded, but this is highly unlikely.

Q: What is in it?

A:  BLOCK LOCK ® contains only food grade ingredients (i.e. products with E numbers) and items that have a non-hazardous classification under CLP regulation EEC and other classifications all to UK standards.  However, don’t eat it and keep it out of the reach of small children and use under adult supervision.

Q: How long does it last for when its applied?

A: How the glue performs after time will depend on the type of toy, the type of play involved, and the environmental factors.

We have tested some larger plastic LEGO ® brick sets that have been glued for 2 year+!  These have usually required minor repair after a while as they are played with daily by imaginative kids, but everyone is different and repair/rebuild should be expected on any build!

Q: Do I have to glue the whole brick set or can I just glue bits?

A: The more surfaces that are in contact with each other and bonded, the stronger the glued network over your build will be.  We believe it is far better to apply a thin layer to each surface in contact with another surface, rather than large blobs.

That said, if you have a build that has a large solid mass of bricks, which are quite stable when constructed together, and a few bits that keep falling off, then yes, you can just add larger amounts of glue to those parts only.  It's up to you!

Q: What colour is BLOCK LOCK ® when it is dry?

A: Standard BLOCK LOCK ® toy glue is clear/opaque when applied in a thin layer. It has a very slight opaque white haze when applied thickly.  Many people can’t tell when BLOCK LOCK ® has been used on a product if it has been wiped over after application, and any excess is easily removed at any time with water and a cloth.

 Q: How do I know if I can use BLOCK LOCK® on my toys or in my washing machine?

A: BLOCK LOCK ® bonds on porous items (such as wood) strongly, very strongly, so please consider if the toy is suitable for removal in water before applying!  ALWAYS refer to your manufacture’s guidelines prior to building with BLOCK LOCK and washing it off.  Please ensure your toys / washing machine are fully compatible and do not include any delicate components such as decals.  All glued builds should be hand soaked in warm water for at around 30 mins to loosen glue. If the toy/accessories are deemed suitable and a S-wash bag is used, then the S-wash bag can be used on a cool, short soak in the washing machine. 

When hand soaking, the build should be agitated regularly and water changed when necessary.

We cannot take any responsibility for the application/removal of the glue to any surfaces, so please ensure you have tested all toys/surfaces for suitability before use.

HAVE FUN, and don’t forget to upload your creations to our social media pages or send them to us at and join our Facebook and twitter where we will regularly showcase B-locked builds and run exciting competitions!